No more dry hands

Low temperatures outside and therefor also low humidity can, in combination with soap and water by the sink, be a grim treatment for your hands. The skin will loose all of its softness, the knuckles are dry and sore, and your cuticles will be dehydrated. All in all – not pleasant.

Make it a habit to cover your hands in a layer of softening hand cream every time you wash them, and at night before you go to sleep. Give your hands a massage for half a minute focusing on working the cream into the skin and cuticles.

Acai Hand Cream rebuilds the skin’s natural barriers, eliminates rough and dry areas and provides antioxidant protection against wind, weather and pollution. Acai Hand Cream contains shea butter, wheat protein, sweet almond oil and a high percentage of acai oil to add moisture, counteract signs of ageing and provide deep nourishment – without leaving a greasy residue. Aloe vera and purple coneflower calm and soothe irritated skin, small abrasions and cracked skin.



Avoid using very hot water when washing your hand as it dries out your skin. Also apply your hand cream just after drying them with the towel. Then it will be absorbed the best.


If you want to make it as easy as possible remembering to soften up, put a hand cream by the sink, one by your bedside and one in your purse.

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