Organic self-tan is now a must

The cure against the depressing paleness is our organic, sustainable and certified self-tanner A Hint of Summer (and oh my, how it appropriate with this sunless summer of 2017).

A Hint of Summer ensure your skin a natural looking tan, and you are in charge of just how deep the tan will be.


this is how you do it

If you have the time, then start off with a gentle exfoliation. Exfoliating the face and body helps boost cellular renewal and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin with an even surface and enabling it to absorb moisture and colour more easily. Regular exfoliation will also help you to maintain your faux glow for even longer.

Apply the recommended number of drops and cream/oil to the skin – body or face and décolletage. Take your time and ensure that the product is distributed evenly. After you have applied the product to your entire face and décolletage, lightly run your fingers over your ears so they do not look unnaturally pale next to your face.

Wash your hands immediately with soap and water after application. Scrub thoroughly between your fingers and around your cuticles.

To prevent colour irregularities and unsightly edges, dry vulnerable areas with a cotton pad after application. Lightly stroke a dry cotton pad over your eyebrows, along your hairline and along your jawline – places where excess product can settle.

It’s important to give your faux glow sufficient time to absorb into your skin before continuing with your day and getting dressed. Doing so will protect your clothes from possible staining. A good tip is to apply A Hint of Summer before bed so the colour has time to develop and absorb overnight. You’ll wake up with a fresh, sun-kissed summer glow.

If you want to know more about the lovely self-tan, you will find the answers in the Q&A.

But we have more than A Hint of Summer up our sleeves, if faking the summer tan is on your agenda. Golden Kiss Body Oil is more than just softening, luxurious body oil – it is instant glam. Mica, a naturally shimmering mineral, deliver glistening golden glamour to your skin and will make you look like someone who just got home from the south of France (or some other lucky place with sunshine).

We hope this will cure your paleness and now crosses our fingers in the hope of more sunshine in August. We need to get that Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition out of the cupboard. It is way too lovely not to be used.

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