Rudolph Care 10 years – an entire year of celebration


An entire year of celebrating, dancing, honoring and toasting has begun. Rudolph Care turns 10, and it won’t pass quietly. ​

On a cold, clear and sunny February day in 2009 Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph launched her line of beauty products, Rudolph Care, for the Danish beauty industry. Ten years have passed since then and now we proudly celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Rudolph Care. 

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph i dans og feststemning i anledning af Rudolph Cares 10-års jubilæum i 2019

“There have been so many highlights through the past 10 years, but for the first time in Rudolph Care’s history I feel the urge to celebrate a milestone. Along with dedicated partners my amazing team and I have created something unique that lives up to our motto: Since 2009, for generations to come.”

In 2009, Rudolph Care became the first brand in the world to combine an organic certification with an environmental certification, challenging both the beauty industry standards and consumer perceptions of luxury products.

“In respect of the anniversary we’re naturally also going to celebrate the eight products that gave rise to the very first launch in 2009 and that are still with us today. Among many other initiatives we’re going to honor my beloved Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil with a unique anniversary edition.”

Facial Oil 8 ml fra Rudolph Care

We’ll be adding the anniversary edition of the powerful and precious facial oil to all orders above DKK 795,- here on our webshop through February. Selected retailers will do the same. For that reason, you cannot buy it separately. The packaging is a bit different than usual, as we’ve filled our oil-roll with the golden drops, which will give you an entirely unique experience with your facial oil.  Apply the oil directly to your face by rolling the product over your skin – while doing this you can give yourself a tiny massage by using the roll as illustrated below. 

“A single anniversary month is not enough to celebrate Rudolph Care’s many fine facets, and therefore I’ve decided that we are to celebrate, dance, honor and raise our glasses through the entire year of 2019. I’m so excited, and now we’re finally here – let’s celebrate together!”



Andrea ♥

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