Save the date on 15th September 2018

15th September is World Cleanup Day, and we think you should join. The Rudolph Care team will participate in several places – in Jutland, Norway, and in the Copenhagen area, and you have the chance to win a gorgeous autumn prize. World Cleanup Day er en vigtig dag, og vi deltager naturligvis i Rudolph Care

The global cleanup day, World Cleanup Day, is approaching. World Cleanup Day is the day, where people world wide come together to combat trash in the environment and create awareness about the topic. Garbage in nature is caused by careless handling of it, and when it lands in nature it can have big consequences for, among other, animal life, the seas, and our ground water. 

In Denmark the day is facilitated by Plastic Change, and it’s very easy to participate.

You can read much more about World Cleanup Day on their website here, or on the official site here

In Rudolph Care we’re going to initiate trash-collections in several places. Our sweet colleagues in Jutland will collect trash in Århus, while the ones in Zealand will do the same on different destinations. Our collection of trash also takes an international turn, because our lovely colleagues in Oslo, Norway, are also going to take their loved ones by the hand and collect trash where they live. If you wish to join our trash collections you can meet us here: 

In Århus we'll meet at Den Permanente at 10 AM, where we'll collect trash together along the beach.

In Copenhagen we'll meet at Naturcenter Amager Strand at 11 AM. Here we'll walk and collect along the paths in Amager Strandpark and in the surrounding nature.

We'll bring trash-bags - so all you have to bring is yourself and your love for the environment (and maybe a pair of gloves, if that's how you like to collect trash).

Oslofjorden er hvor Rudolph Cares norske Camilla bader allermest, og hun gør det især for at holde fast i sommerfølelsen

If you're not able to join our trash collection, you can start your own and invite your friends and family to join you. We hope that you will take your loved ones by the hand and help nature in your local area (or wherever you are on 15th September). Make a day out of it, and if you bring the little ones, it’s the ideal opportunity to teach them about the importance of responsibility around garbage. 

Time for a competition

In connection with World Cleanup Day we’ve decided to start up a competition, where you can win an autumn package with Rudolph Care products. The package consists of the products that Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph uses the most in her autumn routine; Cleansing Milk, Facial Mist, Mist Delight, Acai Anti-ageing Serum, Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil, and Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream along with our fine Rudolph Care pouch

All you have to do is: 

♦ Take a picture of your World Cleanup Day, and how you participate actively.

♦ Post it on Instagram and use the hashtag #cleanupwithrudolphcare (REMEMBER: Your Instagram-account must be public – we cannot see your post, if your account is private)

We’ll draw a winner Monday 17th September 2018

We hope to see you guys out there!

The Rudolph Care Team ♥

Oprydning af naturen er en vigtig ting
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