Shea butter – the SOS rescue for winter

How much do you actually know about shea butter? Let us enlighten you about the advantages of the ultra-caring ingredient and how we use it in Rudolph Care. 


Shea butter is softness itself and is derived from the kernels of the shea tree’s chestnut-like fruits that have been used as a healing and caring panacea in West Africa for centuries. The luscious butter is rich on antioxidants, which has resulted in many brands adopting the ingredient for skin care purposes – including us in Rudolph Care. In our products we have prioritized mixing the shea butter with many other nourishing ingredients – mainly organic oils – where among others Acai Body Balm, Acai Body Lotion and Acai Hand Cream have the honour of holding the nourishing ingredient.


Mommy & Me

We’re proud of our shea butter which adds something very special to the products that contain it. Additionally, it has a very special origin, as we buy our organic shea butter exclusively from a sustainable plant in Burkina Faso, Africa. The sustainable element has several dimensions; the farming of the shea trees is organic, which spares both workers and nature from toxic pesticides. Besides, the farming creates jobs, income, social networks, and a stronger safety net for many local employees. 

In Rudolph Care it’s essential and crucial that we can vouch for our products – from the farming of the individual ingredient at its place of origin, to the use of the final product on your bathroom shelf – and the origin and story behind the shea butter only makes us want to vouch even more. On your Rudolph Care product shea butter is called Butyrospermum Parkii Butter* (Shea Butter) 


Earlier this year Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph spoke about the sustainability in Rudolph Care here on Rudolph Stories, and you can read that post here. 

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