A peek into Silke Grane’s beauty universe

Let’s have another curious peek into an exciting beauty universe. This time around the universe is the one of Silke Grane. Silke has a wide-ranging beauty experience after excessive years in the industry with her resilient curiosity towards everything that moves within the world of beauty. Her big passion and interest in beauty has brought her to different niches of the industry, for example working as a makeupartist and beauty editor. At the moment she supplies the Danish magazine ‘Alt For Damerne’ with the newest of new within beauty. 

Silke Grane

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘beauty’ – and what does it mean to you?
“Beauty is not just outer beauty, as the most important beauty is the inner beauty. The feeling of self-sufficiency, making peace with who you are and the way you look. To me we are most beautiful when we carry ourselves with confidence and strength. But beauty surrounds us in many different ways. Just take a look at the beautiful autumn weather – that’s also beauty. Beauty to me is also my job, as I make a living writing about it and testing products. Actually, I just surround myself with whatever moves in the beauty industry.” 

How is your beauty routine, and is there anything you especially prioritize?
“I don’t have any particular routine that I HAVE to go through every morning and evening. Though I naturally rinse my face thoroughly every night, and I make sure to drench it in serum and moisturizer so it gets plenty of nourishment and moisture. In the morning I just use water because my skin is a bit sensitive and can’t stand too much rinsing. And yes, I know that it’s a no-go in the within beauty, but it works for me and my skin :) .. Besides, I’ve been taking different skin strengthening dietary supplements for many years. Right now, I’m trying out collagen powder and I feel that it’s doing my skin good. So, I’m definitely continuing.”

How is your routine affected by the changing seasons?
“As it gets colder, I start using richer skincare products. I usually shift over to using oil instead of serum underneath my day and night cream. The changing temperatures from heating systems and the cold weather is insanely hard on the skin, and therefore I make sure to wear thicker layers on my skin.”

What’s your top beauty tip?
“I feel most beautiful when I’m in balance. So, my tip is not going to be about products, but about treating yourself good – feel what you and your body need. Take breaks in your everyday life and get some fresh air. It does me so good and I can easily feel and observe how good a walk in the forest is for me. My cheeks come alive with colour and it’s like renewed energy and balance finds its way into my body. A more tangible tip of mine for an instantly healthier and fresher look is mixing self-tanning drops into my day and night cream. It’s my savior for when the skin looks a little dull and grey.”

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