A peek into Sine Ginsborg’s beauty universe

Rudolph Stories have spoken to the makeup artist Sine Ginsborg about her beauty universe. Read what she tells about her view on beauty, her routine, and shares a beauty tip or two. 

Sine Ginsborgs skønhedsunivers

Beauty is for many people a unique feeling of inner well-being, and for others it’s more about radiance and a visual expression. Many often ask the question; “But how do others do it?”. And the same do we from time to time. Therefore, we’ve asked a line of women about their view on beauty, and the first is makeup artist Sine Ginsborg. Sine is one of Denmark’s leading within the field and has more than 20 years of experience in both the Danish and the international fashion industry. 

Makeup artist Sine Ginsborg

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘beauty’ – and what does it mean to you?
"To me beauty and health are strongly connected, and to me beauty comes from within. Of course there is also outward beauty, which we can strengthen with some nice products, but the outward beauty is often a result of inner beauty. Through my job as a makeup artist I believe that a beautiful layer of makeup is never fully justified on skin that’s not cared for from within. Andrea (red. Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph) is in fact a perfect example of how well-maintained skin and inner beauty radiates outward beauty. Beauty comes when you care for yourself." 

How is your beauty routine, and is there anything you especially prioritize?
"Somethings that’s always important for me is cleansing my face both morning and evening. It doesn’t matter how tired I am, or how many drinks I’ve had – the cleansing routine is on point.  I also make sure to exfoliate my skin and give it a face mask once a week. It’s a boost that I can’t live without. Furthermore, my routine is actually quite simple – I’m not into many steps. I rinse my skin and use a good day- and night cream. Eye cream is also important to me, and I love a rich eye cream – not too firming, as I love a fully moisturized feeling around my eyes. Even though my routine is simple, what’s most important is that my skin gets what it needs. It must feel right." 

En af Danmarks førende makeupartister Sine Ginsborg

How is your routine affected by the changing seasons?
"On the basis of my profession I think that my ability to sense my skin’s needs is quite good. Now that autumn is arriving I’ll probably begin to supplement my routine with a serum or an oil to give it a little extra. On the other side, I actually think that these elements are relevant during summer as well, because my skin easily dries out from the heat. That way routines and skin demands are different from person to person and from day to day, and therefore I don’t have a stringent guideline to which products I should use at a specific time. I align myself with the feeling. If I feel that my skin needs something or has too much of something else I simply try to balance it in my routine." 

What’s your top beauty tip?
"It might sound a bit boring, but it’s sleep and water. Drink plenty of water and get the sleep that your body requires. It works wonders for most people. I don’t believe that there is a product that can compete with those elements." 

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