Sisterhood and joined forces in this year’s Amazonas design


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph and her sister Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph are once again the minds behind this year’s Rudolph Care winter expression. Read about their joint creative and ambitious worlds here. 

Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph & Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

This year a significant expression is what’s decorating a selection of our products. Acai Body Lotion Limited Edition and Acai Facial Oil Limited Edition are two of them – and with their queen-size proportions they ensure that the feeling of everyday luxury lasts much longer. Besides, you’ll find the same colors and artwork on the gift boxes Face It You’re Beautiful and Bodyguards In a Box.

Junglen i Brasilien

The print is called Amazonas and is inspired by Andrea’s meeting with the wild, exotic, colorful, Brazilian jungle and our colleagues that harvest the acai berry – the heart of Rudolph Care. 

Previously, Cecilie has designed and created prints for Rudolph Care. Among other things, she’s the mind behind the design on our entire sun series and the two gift boxes, Be Bodylicious and Sparkle Like a Star. Cecilie tells a bit about the Amazonas design here: 

“With this year’s artwork I’ve let myself inspire by Andrea and Rudolph Care’s latest adventure to the Brazilian rainforest, where she experienced the acai harvest firsthand among the locals. Amazonas is my interpretation and fascination of Andrea’s stories from her magical reunion with the rainforest and its people. And the acai berry, naturally. The acai berry grows wild in the shade of the rainforest and is the key ingredient in the Rudolph Care products. It’s this exotic wilderness, the swampy terrain and the profound jungle mood that I’ve wanted to catch in my artwork. The palm trees are hand painted along with the many layers of the vast flora of the jungle. There are shades of green, blue and deep purple with a hint of light that only just manages to penetrate the palm leaves. I’ve tried my best to illustrate the outstanding place that Andrea has described for me. Amazonas is filled with the finest wonders of this world and is such an incredibly amazing place.”  

Amazonas print and design by Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph

From 23rd – 31st October 2019 we’ll add a travelsize Acai Body Scrub to all orders containing our Acai Body Lotion Limited Edition (while stocks last). Andrea is especially fond of the limited edition of the nourishing body lotion. She explains:

”I’m beyond excited about this year’s gorgeous version of Acai Body Lotion Limited Edition. Once again, Cecilie has created a stunning print that I’m proud to show to the world. It makes me dream  myself far away from the northern chill to the warm Brazilian rainforest that has my heart. I can’t wait to invite Amazonas, the palm trees and the colors of the acai berries into my bathroom. I’m also completely in love with its queen-size proportions, so my skin is ensured moisture, suppleness and gorgeousness all through winter.”


Amazonas favorites
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