5 Rudolph Care products that compliment your makeup routine


We love inviting nourishing skincare into our makeup routine, and especially five Rudolph Care products complement makeup just perfectly.Rudolph Care produkter på badeværelset

Smooth Operator Serum

Before starting out your routine it’s quite important that you skin has a primed base, and that you can get with Smooth Operator Serum. The rich serum has both smoothing and harmonizing qualities which make it an ideal primer. Use a facial cream or oil on top of the serum, and your skin is now ready for makeup.  

Golden Kiss Body Oil

Our golden shimmer oil, Golden Kiss Body Oil, is the obvious makeup product. You can use it wherever – on arms and legs during summer is obvious, and in your makeup routine you can use it on cheekbones, temples and above your eye lids. 

Rudolph Care hudpleje på badeværelset

Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet

Our nourishing aftersun can give you the same as Golden Kiss Body Oil, but the texture is lighter and more gel like. So, if you’re not into oil, you should try out Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet instead. 


Our tiny, delicate facial oil is perfect as a finishing touch once you’re done with your makeup. Apply a small amount on your finger tips and dap your cheekbones with the nourishing oil. It gives less shimmer, but it’ll bring the same finish and glow. 

Acai Lip Balm

Lip Balm is one of our favorite products for using with makeup – it’s really a universal product. Naturally you can use Lip Balm on your lips, but you can also use it for shaping your eye brows and to give your cheeks and temples an extra glossy look.

A guide for the natural look without any makeup

If you love dodging makeup and only using skincare our products are also ideal – here are three simple steps to a natural, radiant look completely without makeup.

1. A soft, harmonized base

Create a healthy and nourished base with Acai Facial Scrub Mask. The fine scrubbing grains and rich oils will nourish and cleanse your skin in depth, while the matte surface of your skin is exfoliated free of dead skin cells – and full of life. Follow with Smooth Operator Serum that will give you a supple primer effect. 

Facial Cream and self-tanner

After cleansing and serum it’s time for facial cream. And maybe a bit more than that. Many choose to give the skin a bit extra glow with A Hint of Summer, which is our natural award-winning self-tanning drops. You can build up your summer glow over 2-3 days by mixing 1-2 doses A Hint of Summer with you regular amount of facial cream. 

A highlighter of your choice

As we just told you about above we have three different products that are ideal for using as a natural highlighter. Feel your way and find your favorite among Golden Kiss Body Oil, Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet or Acai Lip Balm. 

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