5 Sunday activities that will slow you down

Many have a tendency to fill up the days of the weekend as much as the working days. We think that tendency needs some consideration and therefore we share our ideas to five activities for a lovely, slow Sunday. Det kreative hjørne

1) Enjoy all the green, yellow and frosty
Take a walk. And do nothing but that. No matter if the season offers light green buds on the trees, yellowish and golden tones or naked and frosty surroundings, every season has its charm. Surrender to nature or something as simple as your local neighbourhood. Listen to the wind, the trees, and the birds, and if you can’t stand a minute without input you can always listen to a podcast in your headphones (we recommend Gwyneth Paltrow’s podcast, The Goop Podcast). Your body and mind will thank you for the attention. 

Efterårets farver

2) Get a little artsy... or try to
Many people find peace and calm investing time in creative activities, as the brain only has to concentrate on that exact activity. It can be as simple as colouring a drawing in a colouring book with the children or writing down your thoughts in a diary. Knitting, crocheting, and sewing are also popular (and sustainable) activities that will give your mind rest. At the moment carving a Halloween pumpkin would also be a good idea, while you can start creating your own Christmas decorations in a month’s time. No matter if you’re a trained creative soul or not, the most important is the devotion to the activity. Your brain will find rest and calm in the activity that you’re devoted to. 

3) See yourself and your body
If you’re a lucky one with a tub in your bathroom, then fill it up. And if not, you should settle with a foot bath. Make a cup of tea beforehand, put on your favourite music, or find the book that you can’t let go anyway. See yourself, see your need for rest, and remember that it’s completely fine to pull the plug and do absolutely nothing. 


Andreas hjemmespa i badekar

4) Settle down with a series
Find one of those series that everyone’s talking about and see what the fuss is about. Don’t stop after one episode – you’re allowed to get carried away. Many binge-watchers categorize it as relieving to momentarily leave out the world and immerse into the universe of the series. Many claim that it’s calming to turn off your brain and let it concentrate on nothing but the continuous impressions from the fictive characters. 

5) Do yoga
Yoga is close to the best thing you can do in your pursuit on peace. On the yoga mat there is no competition and it actually doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad, flexible or stiff as a board – as long as you do your best and breathe through every movement. Yoga means ‘union’ or ‘connection’ in Sanskrit, and that’s exactly what you’ll get in your practice – union and connection between body and mind. Yoga has become very popular, and many use it as their safe space in a busy life. Therefore, there are many great yoga studios out there, we bet there’s one close to you. From time to time we have morning yoga here at the Rudolph Care office, where the talented Malene Bak guides the practice. It gives us an incomparable peace, while we enjoy the stretching and the deep breaths. 

Yoga på Rudolph Care kontoret


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