Mix SPF with radiant summer glow


Mix up the best of both worlds with A Hint of Summer and sun protection
Bland din selvbruner med solbeskyttelse

Sun protection is an essential part of summer, where the amount of sunscreen used is particularly crucial – a handful for the body and the amount equivalent to a teaspoon for the face. We recommend applying two coats of sunscreen, one right after the other – and why not mix one of those layers with natural summer glow?

Start out with a scrub

By exfoliating your skin you create a nourished base for your summer glow and sun protection. Acai Body Scrub and Acai Facial Scrub Mask contain fine, effective granules that remove dead skin cells and the matte upper layer from your skin. Besides, they also add plenty of moisture, leaving your skin in shape to get its glow on

Solcreme og selvbruner

The First layer

Apply sunscreen to the entire body. Be thorough and take your time. No matter if you’re into oil, lotion or sunscreen with a touch of shimmer, you find all our luxurious, ecolabeled sun body protection here. You’ll find sun face cream here – our Sun Face Cream contains active, natural ingredients that care effectively for your skin, while the SPF protects it. 

The second layer

Give the first layer of sun protection a bit of time to absorb and follow with the next layer. This time try to mix it with A Hint of Summer, our natural self-tanner.  A Hint of Summer is developed to be mixed with your body lotion and/or face cream, though it’s just as great of a couple when mixed with Sun Body Lotion or Sun Face Cream. The selftanner contains the natural DHA-molecule, which is what gives the glow – it’s easy to dose, so you’re your own master of how intense your tan should be. We recommend building the glow through a few days. Start out with 1-2 doses mixed with your sun face cream and 3-4 doses with your sun body protection. 

Pssst... you can also do it the other way around – starting with sunscreen mixed with self-tanner, following with an extra layer of sunscreen. Our experience though tells us that mixing the second layer of sunscreen with A Hint of Summer is the way to move forward. 


Remember that sunscreen can stain clothing and other textiles if you’re not being careful. We guide you to avoid the stains here

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