Summer Friend Book: Cecilie Thorsmark

Lovely Cecilie Thorsmark is the Communication Director at Global Fashion Agenda, but at the moment she's on holiday in Denmark with her boyfriend and their two girls. Read about her summer paradise when she shares it with Rudolph Stories.Cecilie Thorsmark shares her summer universe on Rudolph Stories

Where do you go for a swim?
"On the beach in Rørvig in the sea of Kattegat. This beach is the essence of a Danish summer with its white dunes, heather, and beach roses – and a blue sea as far as the eye can see."

Who are you with?
"I’m with my boyfriend and our two girls. We bought a summerhouse in Rørvig, which we’ve been renovating completely through almost 1,5 years – and now we can finally use it. And we love it!"

What do you eat?
"Everything with a summer flavour. As many fresh peas as possible. Cold water melon. Fresh fish from the harbour, and plenty of ice cream." 

What do you drink?
"Lots and lots of water, and preferably sparkling. I should buy myself a soda streamer! And now that it’s my holiday, I sometimes enjoy a cold glass of natural wine (or two), or an aperol spritz."

Cecilie Thorsmark er på ferie i Danmark med sin kæreste og deres børn - læs med når hun deler sommerglæderne på Rudolph Stories

What’s your favourite clothing?
"Thus far I’ve basically been living in my bikini. The weather is just amazing. I also wear cut denim shorts with a simple t-shirt." 

Where do you dance?
"At the moment I’m in the summer house with my family, so my dancing is limited – besides the spontaneous and tacky mom-moves I bring along when dancing with the kids. But I danced at this year’s Roskilde Festival, where my boyfriend and I were together on Friday and listened to Nick Cave, Massive Attack, Fever Ray and many others. It was good for the soul." 

What do you listen to?
"All the good, new releases from old favourites – from NAS to Beach House, MGMT and so on. And if I’m a little uninspired, my playlists are filled with oldies but goodies from Simon & Garfunkel, Lou Reed, Rodriguez, Bob Dylan, and so on. They always win."

Your favourite ice cream?
"It will always be the Danish classic, “Københavnerstang”. It’s refreshing, sweet, and filled with childhood memories."


Cecilie Thorsmark dansede på årets Roskilde Festival, og det er kun én af de mange sommerglæder, som pryder kalenderen - læs med når hun deler hendes sommer med Rudolph Stories
Rudolph Stories har spurgt Cecilie Thorsmark ind til hendes sommerpardis - læs om alle de lune sommerglæder her
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