Sun lotion or sun oil – what to choose?


What’s the difference between sun oil and sun lotion, do they protect similarly and what should I go for? Let us guide you here.Sololie og sollotion fra Rudolph Care

First and foremost we must emphasize that sun lotion and sun oil have the exact same effect. They protect similarly, and therefore you can safely go for whatever product you prefer. But what do you really prefer? Let us tell you a bit about Sun Body Lotion and Sun Body Oil;

Sun Body Lotion

Our sun series holds several sun body lotions. The classic Sun Body Lotion, the glittering Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition and the one for kids, Kids Sun Lotion. What they all have in common is that they all effectively protect you from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays – and that they do much more than that. Their high level of natural ingredients both nourishes and cares for the skin, just like a regular body lotion. 

Koralvenlig solcreme med et højt indhold af naturlige ingredienser - fra Rudolph Care

Sun Body Oil 

This beach favorite has left the softest mark on our sun series. It’s water resistant and has a high concentration of antioxidants that helps the skin retain its natural elasticity. It contains active and nourishing oils from rapeseed, sunflower and wheat germ that adds moisture to your skin without drying it out nor greasing it all up. And it smells like your summer vacation. 

We hope that you find your favorite – whether it’s in the form of lotion or oil. 

If you’re still not quite done reading about sunscreen yet, we’ve gathered all you need to read about it here – for example that our sun protection is reef safe. 

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