Sunscreen can stain - but fear not


Sunscreen can stain clothing and other textiles, if you're not being careful. Let us guide you through your sunscreen routine to avoid the stains - we also share our SOS-guide in case you get a stain. 
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How can I try to avoid stains? 

Unfortunately, sunscreen can leave stains. Most often the stains appear on clothes and other textiles, but sunscreen can leave a stain wherever you place your hands after applying it. Therefore, our first simple tip is to wash your hands after applying sunscreen. Another tip to minimize the risk of stains is to let the sunscreen absorb completely into your skin before putting on clothes. It’s the sun filter in the sunscreen, which protects us from UVA and UVB rays, that in some cases may stain clothes and other textiles, and in order to avoid that you should air-dry completely after applying it. One last tip is to consider your clothing and your choice of towels – maybe let the most delicate clothing, the silky-white dress and the white towels stay at home. 

Pssst... have in mind, that the right amount of suncscreen is crucial for your level of protection. A handful for the body and the amount equivalent to a teaspoon for the face. To be sure that your skin is fully protected, we advice you to apply two coats of sunscreen - one right after the other - to be sure that you don't miss a spot.


Oh! I got a stain – what do I do?

If the worst comes to the worst, we recommend the following: 

1. Apply a good amount of liquid detergent for dyed fabrics directly on the stain and allow it to stand overnight – potentially in a closed plastic bag. This will make the textile fibers lift and expand, making the stain easier to remove.

2. Wash the item according to the instructions on the label.

3. Repeat the process 2-3 times if necessary.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT use detergent with optical brighteners, bleach or stain remover with OXI effect - it may worsen the stain and make it more difficult to remove.

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