Sustainable family-sized hair care


Our well-known shampoos and conditioner are available in large 390-ml-bottles that can provide for your entire family.Svanemærket, miljøvenlig shampoo og balsam fra Rudolph Care

We might all know the feeling; that the shampoo and the softening conditioner runs low morning, noon and night and often earlier than we expect. That exact problem we’ve tried to end with our 390 ml shampoos and conditioner that last significantly longer – no matter if it’s just you, or if there’s an entire family to provide with a natural and sustainable hair routine. 

Our two shampoos are Herbal Mint Shampoo and Blossom Shampoo. They have in common that they cleanse and soften the hair – though Herbal Mint Shampoo is especially good for sensitive scalps while it also strengthens the hair, and Blossom Shampoo significantly rebuilds the hair and gives it a glossy look. 

Herbal Mint Shampoo Limited Edition og Blossom Shampoo Limited Edition fra Rudolph Care - økologisk og svanemærket shampoo til alle hårtyper

Our conditioner is Forever Soft Conditioner. And it lives up to its name as it adds a silky soft sensation to your hair with its natural ingredients – among other organic avocado oil and honey. Forever Soft Conditioner carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, just like the rest of Rudolph Care’s products, which is your assurance that both your and nature’s wellbeing was considered through the entire life cycle of the product – from production, to using the product to proper waste sorting, when the packaging is empty. Read about how to properly sort your Rudolph Care packaging here


Pssst…. when you opt for the products that contain the most milliliters, all at once you opt for the most sustainable choice. Bigger products for home-use last longer, which means a reduction in both packaging and shipping – and of course a reduction of money leaving your wallet. 

Forever Soft Conditioner Limited Edition fra Rudolph Care - svanemærket luksus for blødt og glasfuldt hår
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