The very best reasons for using sun face cream


Everyday luxury is one of the corner stones of Rudolph Care, and we are solidly determined that this feeling should be accessible in all of our products – and sun face cream is no exception. Read the best reasons for using our Sun Face Cream.​

Efficient sun protection 

Naturally – the most obvious reason for using sun face cream is to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The sun is dangerous and not to be underestimated – no matter how lovely and gorgeously warm it is. When you burn your skin on hot water or an oven tray, for example, the skin simply heals up, though skin cells never forget a sun burn. Therefore, protecting yourself from the sun is extra important – as way too many are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Sun Face Cream from Rudolph Care is available in three intensities – SPF 15, 30 & 50. As a rule of thumb SPF 15 is sufficient in Denmark (i.e. if you apply enough – the amount equivalent to a teaspoon for the entire face), though you should always consider your skin’s sensitivity and the UV-index.


Nourishing, natural and organic ingredients

Another good, gorgeous reason for using Sun Face Cream from Rudolph Care is that it can actually replace your day cream during the sunny season. We’ve made sure to stuff it with a sufficient amount of nourishing and caring ingredients – so, on the list of ingredients you’ll find organic cucumber extract that helps your skin retain moisture. You’ll also find wheatgerm oil that’s rich in antioxidants, apple extract that maintains the suppleness of the skin, and nonetheless organic sea buckthorn oil that especially protects and cares for dry and stressed-out skin.

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The sensory experience

Now we’ve told about the SPF-protection and the many nice ingredients, but we really must not forget about the sensory experience. Sun Face Cream is first and foremost a non-grease sunscreen. Its texture is light, it’s absorbed quickly, which makes it a delightful base underneath natural makeup. And the scent is heavenly – it’s discreet, unique and made from natural oils without the 26 allergenic fragrances that the EU recommends avoiding. 


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Sun Face Cream from Rudolph Care
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