Things I’m looking forward to in April


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph is always a bit more excited for April than any other month. It’s filled with memories and a wonderful Easter time. Read on and get to know what else her April has to offer.Andrea Rudolph i Københavns hyggelige gader

“April is one of the loveliest months of all. Everything is brought to life and spring seriously shows itself. To me April always brings out an incredible amount of memories – especially of my grandmother who was born in April. The anemones that grow wildly in April are also filled with memories. At the farm, where I grew up, there was a big garden that lead to a forest. The forest soil there was completely covered in anemones, of which I picket beautiful bouquets with my grandmother. I spotted the first anemones as I walked along Vestre Cemetery just recently, and they gave me the warmest spring feels. I’m really looking forward to seeing Copenhagen bloom. It’ll happen all of a sudden. I find myself observing the flower and leaf buds grow bigger and bigger with a feeling of excitement in my stomach. We have a humongous magnolia tree in the garden at the Rudolph Care office and their pink tops are now showing from the tip of the buds – I’m so excited to see it flourish!”


“I’m also looking forward to paying a bit attention to my own garden and nonetheless see what kind of garden we actually have. We moved in in December so we’ve never really seen the garden in full bloom so it’ll be exciting to see what hides out there. I know that we have a few fruit trees and a wisteria. We’re going to install a playhouse for the kids at some point, though I don’t think we’ll do much about the garden this year. Right now we’re just getting to know our new surroundings. Though, if I know myself I’ll be putting on the garden gloves and arrange a few flower pots anyway.”

“April also brings Easter which might actually be close to my favorite season. It has a sufficient amount of days for a serious break. And then there are no gifts, stress and big expectations like with Christmas. Misunderstand me not; Christmas is lovely, though Easter simply has the best of both worlds. Easter dinners, family time, spring (mostly) and a down-to-earth pace. I’m also looking forward to decorating my home for Easter. Alfred (red. Andrea’s son) was such a great help last year, so we’re definitely doing that again – and now Arthur (red. Andrea’s youngest son) can help us too. It’s going to be great.”

”I’ll also attend a talk with Michelle Obama in Royal Arena (red. venue in Copenhagen) in April. I was invited to go, and I’m a huge fan of the entire Obama family, so I better get a hold on my inner fan girl before then. If I was to decide, Michelle Obama should be the next president of the United States. I look up to her and her work as first lady, but also her roll and commitment in the public debate. She brings nothing but good stuff to the table, and I’m really looking forward to hearing her talk and let myself inspire.”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph glæder sig til det kommende halve år, som byder på mange spændende ting for Rudolph Care

“In the end of April the Rudolph Care team and I will attend Danish Beauty Awards once more. I’m looking forward to that event every year, because it’s a great focal point for the entire beauty industry. We get the chance to greet each other and meet up in another way than we usually do. Danish Beauty Awards is an award show for the products that has been launched during the previous year. This year Rudolph Care won’t be nominating a new product as we’ve prioritized our main focus to our darlings on the occasion of our 10-year anniversary – the very first eight products that were launched in 2009. Though, we’ve nominated one of our oldies, Acai Facial Oil, for the award ‘Classic of the year’, so we’re quite excited to see if we’ll be heading home with another beauty award this year.” 



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