The product I can’t be without in April


“It’s quite hard to stop once I get started on all the good words there are to mention on the product I can’t be without in April. It’s a classic and it’s in fact my favorite all year round. It’s a product I trust. My favorite in April and every other month is naturally Acai Body Lotion.”​ 

”When I was younger I never managed to find a body product that could save my bone-dry skin. Either it was way too greasy or didn’t have enough moisture. Therefore, I’m forever in love with our body lotion, because it has it all. It’s rich without being too greasy and it’s fast-absorbing. It nourishes my skin with its organic oils and cares for it with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. My skin is kept healthy, which gives me a reason to always show a little skin – during winter as well as now in the early spring”

”Winter paleness inevitably finds its way to my skin through the darker months, but there’s no job too big for A Hint of Summer mixed with Acai Body Lotion. Especially now that t-shirt weather is just around the corner I prepare my skin for warmer days with the self-tanner and the nourishing lotion”

“Last autumn (red. October 2018) our darling Acai Body Lotion, who’s also a 10-year jubilarian this year, won the price ‘All Over Moisture’ at the Danish award show Costume’s Beauty Favorites. I was so proud, as it proves that I’m not alone with my love for the rich body lotion, and that even now, 10 years after the launch, it’s still a winner.”

One body lotion - four different sizes:
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