The product I can’t be without in December

The delicate perfume, Signature Notes, is to Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph a December essential. Read a bit about her love for the signature fragrance of Rudolph Care and why it stole her heart. 

Certificeret økologisk og naturlig parfume fra Rudolph Care

Signature Notes. Without a doubt. That’s the product I can’t be without in December. It’s a product that has been so special to me ever since we launched it in 2017. It’s Rudolph Care’s signature fragrance, and I’ve known it ever since I started Rudolph Care 10 years ago. I stopped using perfume when I got pregnant with Isolde, and I didn’t start again before we launched our own in Rudolph Care. I love being the mind behind such a discreet and personal scent. It’s unique, so delicate, understated and elegant. And I just love receiving compliments for my scent when wearing it. It doesn’t surround your body with a bubble of fragrance, but you can sense it on yourself and the ones hugging you will also experience it. I also love its application ritual – it develops optimally in layers. First you apply the perfume oil on the pulse points where the skin is warmest, and after that you enhance the fragrance molecules with Eau de Parfum by spraying it over the body and hair. I have the oil perfume and the spray perfume in my bathroom, while I always carry the little rollerball perfume in my purse. I’m especially fond of the oil perfume at the moment – both because it’s oil, and because you have to give it a little extra love and patience as you apply it. You’re automatically brought down to a slower pace. Oils are one of the things I love the most, and therefore my love for our perfumes is obvious.” 

Andrea ♥

Signature Notes - naturlig parfume

Luksuriøs, svanemærket og certificeret økologisk olieparfume fra

Andrea's December essentials
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