The product I can’t be without in June


Andrea tells about which June-favorite she uses to prepare her skin for the incoming sun beams of the early summer. 
“The product that cannot be missing on my bathroom shelf this month is one that gives both me and my skin life and energy. It lets me meet my summer wardrobe feeling silky soft and fresh. My absolute June-favorite is naturally Acai Body Scrub.” 

“We’re on our way out of some dark months where we’ve been wearing trousers, covering up our skin – therefore it’s time to find back the love and the good, glow-giving products. We have a tendency to forget our skin when it’s not to be seen by others than ourselves, and I feel that’s changing for me now that the temperatures are rising. Acai Body Scrub is more than just a product that gives me soft, radiant skin. It’s also a product that slows down my pace and lets me see me.  It creates time for care and to acknowledge my skin and its needs. You do need time when using Acai Body Scrub, because massaging it fully into your skin and letting it do its magic simply takes time. You also get the best result if you scrub for those extra five minutes. I love how the blood rushes through my body after I’ve exfoliated it.” 

“I’ve always let myself fascinate by Body Scrub because it’s such a beautiful product. The texture is like a thick, dark body syrup with the most delicate amber-like color. I also love how it’s a practical product that doesn’t mess up my bathroom. As you feel the scrub between your palms you’ll also sense how fine the granules are and how many there are – rather small, fine and many granules than big, rough and few granules. The many fine granules are much gentler on the skin because they don’t ‘scratch’ it as you exfoliate. The granules kickstart the blood circulation and lets my body let go of some toxins in the process. I just love the feeling I’m left with – it’s like the skin and the entire body is lifted and kept in shape. After I’ve rinsed the scrub off in the shower, I end the routine with body lotion mixed with self-tanner – or sun body lotion, if I’m to enjoy the sun.”


Andrea ♥

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