The Rudolph Care products we share with hubby


Rudolph Care is for all, and the masculine components of our households are starting to figure it all out. Read on as the Rudolph Care team tells which products their men usually borrow from the beauty shelf.


"My boyfriend uses a product as sexy as Mommy & Me. He has been putting up with eczema for quite some years and experience instant break-outs of extremely dry skin, but Mommy & Me just works. He consumes a 145 ml jar in max 14 days. The other day he bought a few tiny containers (lip balm size) to fill with Mommy & Me, so he can bring it with him. I think that’s quite smart."


"My husband uses great amounts of serum and he’s a huge fan! Though I’ve had to teach him how serum cannot be used on its own and that he must supplement with face cream. He loves the evenness his skin gets from the serum and its gel-like texture. He ended up borrowing so much of my serum that now he has his own. Besides, he loves using Anti-stress Facial Cream or Facial Oil after shaving and he cleanses his face with Cleansing Foam. I’m quite proud of him, and he really does have gorgeous skin."


"At my place it’s my Acai Facial Oil that runs out much earlier than expected. In fact now we always have two facial oils around so that no one is without it if the other is on the go. Besides, I have a teenage son who’s incredibly fond of our self-tanner A Hint of Summer. I think he has figured out that the ladies like a healthy glow." 


"My boyfriend borrows several products from my beauty shelf, though especially Herbal Mint Shampoo, Roll-on Deo and Facial Scrub Mask vanish faster than the others. He has told me that the scrub mask is good for preparing the skin for shaving as it leaves it clean, exfoliated and fully drenched in moisture, which is quite a good prerequisite for shaving." 


"My husband loves using Acai Facial Oil after shaving and it actually took me some time before I figured out that it was him who emptied out my precious drops. I use but a tiny drop for the face, and he uses no less than to great pumps! Luckily he’s easy to forgive and he’s much softer when I kiss him now."


"My husband’s favorite product is Herbal Mint Shampoo, though my two sons are heavy users as well. They love its scent and the lovely, soft foam – so I find it more or less empty all the time. Besides, my husband is a big fan of our Sun Face Cream. At his work he’s outside almost all of the time, so from April to October I can’t be sure to have the sunscreen to myself – but it really doesn’t matter – I’m just happy he’s using good sunscreen." 


"My husband steals my serum. It was in testing phase right when we had our first child and had a three week parent leave together. We had received a tiny sample and we tested it together. Its scent still reminds him of that time and it remains an all-time favorite for him. Besides, he always steals Herbal Mint Shampoo in the shower and my Acai Cleansing Foam. And sun protection, when I remind him to put it on :-)"


"My husband is a HEAVY USER of Herbal Mint Shampoo! It’s a good thing it’s now available in 390 ml bottles. I also share Facial Oil, Moisture Delight and Cleansing Foam with him, though he has a hard time admitting that he in fact uses them morning and evening. He’s just as big of a Rudolph Care fan as myself." 


"My boyfriend borrows my Anti-stress Facial Cream from the beauty shelf and Herbal Mint Shampoo in the shower. And he naturally uses our sun protection and is extremely fond of it for its non-stickiness and air-light texture." ​

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