The Rudolph-team extends the summer sensation

The summer sensation and your lovely glow can be preserved with help from many different products – but how do you extend the summer feeling mentally? Read about the Rudolph-team’s individual late summer rituals and how we hold on to the mental sensation of summer and warmth. 

Det er tid til mentalt at forlænge sommerfølelsen for Rudolph Care teamet, og hos mange står strand og svømmeture stadig på programmet i sensommeren


"I’m lucky to live very close to the loveliest beach – I’ve been in the water almost every morning since the beginning of May – I love it! It’s the best start, which gives me energy for the entire day! This year I’ve made a deal with a friend that we should always try and jump into the water after a run – also when autumn comes. Maybe we’ll end up calling ourselves winter swimmers. In January Andrea lured me into the dark and ice-cold sea of Øresund, and it did something to me. I’m thinking that I can bring a lot of my summer energy with me into autumn this way, but let’s wait and see for how long I can manage the cold water…"


”Once I return back to the city and every-day-life, I make sure to plan the first few days very well, because usually there are many puzzle-pieces that has to fit together. It’s important for me to bring as much summer back with me as I can, and therefore we go to the beach for dinner, swim, and have late night ice creams for as long as we can. Something that also extends my summer feeling is walking bare-footed. Right now, my feet are marked by saltwater, sand, and my dried-out lawn, so I’ve made sure to book a treatment at my foot therapist – this will let me walk bare-footed a little longer.”

Oslofjorden er hvor Rudolph Cares norske Camilla bader allermest, og hun gør det især for at holde fast i sommerfølelsen


Camilla S.

"I’m lucky to live close to the water, and I’ve promised myself that I’ll swim as much as I can – even on the colder days – and just sit quietly by my bath house without my phone.  I also make sure to have many wonderful dates with my husband, WITHOUT kids... hi hi. This way I’ll extend the summer sensation of freedom and a carefree mind. Good champagne shared with friends in the middle of the week also gives me a little sense of summer and holiday."


"I love starting out my day with a run along the water, where I enjoy the morning light, which gives me energy for the entire day. After a long day at work a cooling evening dip is amazing, or just a walk with friends while we enjoy the best of the late summer’s warm evenings. I leave my duvet out in the fresh air, so it gets the sweet scent of the season. I also let the scent in doors when I fill my vases with fresh flowers." 


"I ALWAYS bring a pair of scissors with me in the car or in the basket on my bike – that way I always have the opportunity to pick the most beautiful roadside bouquets, which spread joy in my home, or to friends and family. I looooove the bouquets - they have such a lovely touch of summer. Also, we often arrange a little trip with friends in August – it’s SO lovely to have something like that to look forward to." 

Annette fra Rudolph Care forlænger sommerfølelsen ved altid at have saksen med i bilen eller på cyklen, så hun kan plukke sig til smukke grøftekantsbuketter


"I have to admit, that I don’t really make an extra effort to extend the summer feeling. What I love and appreciate is the changing seasons that we have in Denmark. Every season indeed has its charm. We’ve had such an amazing summer with plenty of sun and heat, so there’s actually something in me that’s looking forwards to lighting candles and have a good time indoors with my family. But after having said that, I still enjoy the warm and silent nights, where we can stay outside late after having dinner. I also cling onto my summer glow and use good amounts of Body Scrub and A Hint of Summer." 


"I swim in the ocean, have big ice creams with my kids, invite friends over for dinner, enjoy afternoon drinks, go for a late evening run, and watch Netflix on the balcony with pillows and duvets – though not all at once. I remember to use the afternoons and the bright evenings." 


"It’s kind of a fake late summer this one, because it’s still so hot, though I still make sure to go for a swim in the evening as often as possible. The summer also still lives on my balcony at home, where I eat every night. I’m also going to continue drinking rosé – it always gives me a summer vibe." 

Camilla D.

"At our place we do everything we can to hold on to the amazing sensation of sun, summer, and slowing-down as a family. Every day after diner we cycle down to the beach for a swim. It’s such a nice way to end the day and nonetheless to extend the summer feeling." 

Is og og familiehygge er på programmet når Rudolph Care teamet mentalt skal bevare den dejlige sommerfølelse i august


"In my family we’ve always been good at making the summer sensation last with trips to the beach after work with food brought from home – or long weekends in the summer house. For me the late summer is all about making time for family and friends – and enjoying each other’s company even on simple working days – and just meet for ice cream or a glass of cold white wine" 


"Luckily, the weather In Denmark is still great, so holding on to the summer feeling is a piece of cake. I love having dinner in the garden every day, enjoying the summer evenings outside, taking the dog to the beach for a swim – and I especially enjoy that we can still walk barefooted and without outerwear :-)"


"I make sure to take good care of myself after a summer holiday, where returning to reality can be tough. The yoga studio is my safe haven all year round, though especially during the late summer I love to tune in and just focus on my body, my mind, and my breathing. We’ve actually got morning yoga every Thursday in the office at the moment – that’s just the BEST way to start the day!"

Meget af sommerfølelsen kan holdes ved lige, hvad man bliver ved med at bade i havet om sensommeren - i hvert fald ifølge Rudolph Care teamet
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