The skincare buddies of spring


Serum fra Rudolph Care sammen med ansigtssolcreme

Sun Face Cream and Smooth Operator are essential spring products on their own – Sun Face Cream protects you in the sun rays of spring, and serum boost it with energy. Therefore, the combination of the two makes up for a sublime companionship, where each product performs in its very own way. 

Every season has its charm, but right now is a special time. The flower and leaf buds show themselves on the trees all awhile the sun peeps through the skies more often. Therefore you must begin to consider the sun’s impact once more – because even though sunscreen season is not officially a thing yet, you should still respect the intensity of the sun. We recommend that you implement simple common sense in your skincare routine – a Sunday walk or a few hours with a coffee in the sun doesn’t have to pass by unprotected. Nor does cloudy weather necessarily mean that no sunscreen is needed – the sun’s UVA and UVA-rays can still slip through the clouds and cause damage.  We believe that sunscreen should never be a burden, and that you don’t have to compromise a delighting feeling to stay protected.  Therefore Sun Face Cream is a part of Rudolph Care’s sun series and it’s so rich in nourishing care that it can easily replace your regular day cream with its many natural ingredients from among other wheat germ oil, cucumber extract and chamomile. 

Pssst… as a rule of thumb SPF 15 is sufficient within Denmark – though the farther you move toward the southern hemisphere the more you should consider a higher SPF. Checking out the UV-index is always a good idea. 

But when do I use Smooth Operator? .. you might think – and you use the smoothing serum underneath the protective layer of sunscreen. Use serum as the first step after cleansing your face, neck and décolletage, massage it gently into your skin and finish with Sun Face Cream. Smooth Operator works as an evening layer on your skin. The high level of sweet almond – and apricot seed oil supplies the skin with nourishment, moisture and intense care, while the naturally smoothing ingredient acacia senegal gum instantly harmonizes the skin. Besides, the serum also has the ability to fixate moisture deep within the skin so you avoid drying out much easier. 

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