Things I’m looking forward to: Anniversary Edition


2019 is going to be a year full of events, and for Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph there are plenty of things to get excited over as we welcome the first great milestone of Rudolph Care; our 10 Year Anniversary that has already begun. Read which five highlights she’s looking forward to the most. ​

Andrea og team fejrer Rudolph Cares 10 år i hele 2019

1: An entire year of celebration

“Through Rudolph Care’s 10-year journey we’ve had many reasons to open a bottle of champagne and share a festive dinner. We’ve always been good at celebrating the small victories and remind each other that we’re doing quite well. Also during the tough times. I have a fundamental belief that our tiny victories and all of our celebration mind-set have influenced our current standpoint. With that said I now feel that we’ve reached a serious milestone and I’m so excited to celebrate it for an entire year. Though, within all of this celebration my goal is also to pause and allow myself a pad on the shoulder for ten years of hard work.”

2: A trip down memory lane

“Sometimes we’re so busy that we forget the memories and everything good that once happened. Around New Year’s this year I took a look through my camera roll and found that I had actually forgotten a few highlights. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to diving back into the history of Rudolph Care. And nonetheless my own history. So many things happened since February 2009. I’ve met the man of my dreams, I had more children, a dog, a house and my dream has basically come true. It’s important to learn from the past and you do that a lot easier if you stop to take a look back at it. I’m really looking forward to so.”

3: A big birthday bash

“In February my team and I are hosting a big birthday bash in our new, beautiful office in Valby (red. part of Copenhagen). We’ve invited all who’ve helped us along the way for the past ten years. Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone.. Some of them I haven’t seen for ages, and others I see quite often. I’m so proud of Rudolph Care’s partnerships, but above all I’m looking forward to celebrating my team. We are to celebrate us and we are to throw plenty of parties throughout the year – we have to split it up a bit, I think. We’ll be dancing! I love to party with people I love and especially the ladies in my team – it’s so easy an uncomplicated.”

4: 10 years means 10 events

“To spread out the celebration we’ve chosen to live up to our age and plan 10 events in 2019. They will happen all over Denmark and I’m really looking forward to executing them and meeting our dear retailers and all the customers that will join us. Some of our retailers have been with us from the very beginning, and it’s always special for me to pay them a visit. I care deeply for both experienced and brand-new retailers and we have a special partnership with all of them. It’s a cooperation where we make things happen through ups and downs.”

5: The following 10

“The next ten 10 years have already begun and even though 2019 is an anchor where I let myself stop and pad myself on the shoulder, I have a brand-new decade to visualize. I am to dream on. Time flies, and before we know it ’19 is over. The future will offer even more highlights, milestones and victories, and I’m excited all the way to my fingertips to lead Rudolph Care down new paths and to keep living up to our motto: Since 2009 for generations to come…”


Andrea ♥

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