Things I’m looking forward to in August

Renewed summer energy, the first day of school and an exciting future for Rudolph Care takes off in August, and Andrea can’t wait. Andrea glæder sig til august, og til at vende tilbage til hverdagen med fornyet sommerenergi

“August is going to be a mixed month, where I start the second half of 2018, while I still have a little summer holiday left – I love being on holiday, but I also love returning back to work. August is all about the new start, and it always gives me a good vibe”

The children’s first day of school 
“The first day of school really is something special, and I’m looking forward to see the children start again. It’s the day where everything is new – new school bag, pencil box, book wrapping and a new grade. At our place the mandatory first-day-of-school-picture is inevitable. Alma, my step daughter, is going to start school for the very first time in August, and I’m so excited on her behalf.”

Børnene har første skoledag i august, og det er altid noget særligt for Andrea - læs med når hun deler august-glæderne på Rudolph Stories

Summer party with Rudolph Care 
“I’m looking forward to gather my team and throw a summer party at the Rudolph Care office. We’ve all been on holiday almost simultaneously, and I’m looking forward to coming back and start fresh. Everyone have charged their batteries, including me, and we all return with renewed energy after a lovely summer. I easily miss my colleagues during summer, and therefore it’s going to be a lovely start”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph glæder sig til august, hvor hun vender tilbage på arbejde med fornyet sommerenergi

Love party for good friends 
“My good friends are getting married and I can’t wait to witness it. Wedding parties are the best, right? They’re all about love and joy. Everyone are beautiful and ready to make an effort to create the best love party for the couple they care so much about. Weddings move me, and I’m really looking forward to feeling the intimacy and love drift around the guests." 

Andrea skal til bryllup i august, og det er en af de mange ting hun glæder sig til - læs med når Andrea deler alle august-glæderne

Second half kicks off
“And then I’m looking forward to starting the second half of 2018. I have a lot of development work for Rudolph Care in my calendar – both product development and development of our key topics. I’m also going out travelling a few times during the fall, and I’m looking forward to absorbing every experience. A 10-year anniversary is also waiting for Rudolph Care in the beginning of 19, and there are already exciting things in the pipeline. I can’t get my hand down from pure excitement for all the fun thing that are going to happen!”

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph glæder sig til det kommende halve år, som byder på mange spændende ting for Rudolph Care


Love, Andrea ♥

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