Things I’m looking forward to in September

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph senses the arrival of autumn and she’s looking forward to the sensory transition, where the seasons change. Birthdays, a romantic weekend, and the global cleanup day, World Cleanup Day, is already scheduled and Andrea can’t wait. Andrea glæder til til at fejre hendes søn, Alfred, og hans tre år i September

“In September three of my favourite men become one year older – my father, my husband, and Alfred, my son. It’s going to be three very different birthdays, and I’m looking forward to all. The first one is my father’s, and it’s going to be big – he’s turning 70. In many ways, my father is my superhero who never ages, and therefore it’s quite a sensitive topic for me. He’s not the kind of man, who likes being the centre of attention, but I’m looking forward to celebrating him and to tell him all the things I usually never say out load. And then Alfred is turning 3, and he now knows what a birthday is, and for the first time he’s completely thrilled. He’s already busy inviting all his loved ones to his birthday – that’s incredibly sweet. His focus is not so much on birthday presents yet – it’s probably coming – so this year is all about cake, birthday songs, and celebration. Lastly, it’s my husband’s birthday. I love gathering the children around his celebration day and in general to teach them about the joy of celebrating others. The secrets I keep with the children in relation to his birthday make them look even more forward to celebrating him and giving him presents.” ​

“15th September is World Cleaunup Day, and it’s a days that I’m really looking forward to. If you have been following me and Rudolph Care on social media, you might have discovered how I have great interest in cleaning up the environment, and the importance of finding better solutions for the future. In Rudolph Care the focus is on our packaging, and we have a great wish to take more resonsiblity for it. In that regard I attend several activities, and World Cleanup Day is one of them. World Cleanup Day is a global cleanup day where we free the environment from some of the rubbish, which it unfortunately holds more and more of. I like to think of such a day as equal to fundraising for charity – it feels right and you do something good. Therefore, I deeply encourage all to go out and give something back to the environment on 15th September.”


Pssst… You can read much more about how you join the global cleanup day here

“In September I’m also going to spend a romantic weekend with my husband, though I’m still a little unsure of where to go. The most important thing for me is just being with him, and I love the fact that we’ve found an empty spot in both of our calenders at the same time. Fortunately, we have children, who don’t see babysitting as a punishment – in fact they just love being with their grandparents. Being a reconstituted family, as we are, limits our time, and most often we end up doing nothing but practical stuff – therefore it’s just great having such a weekend with my husband to look forward to.”

Claus og Andrea

“And lastly, I’m looking forward to the forthcoming autumn. I feel so lucky to live in a country with changing seasons. The most significant transitions, I think, are the ones in autumn and again in spring. It’s important for me to get out of town and see the seasons change – observing all the colours. I also love the food of autumn – roots, soups, apples. It’s time to bake an apple pie, and it’s time for that warm, fuzzy feeling of autumn. Now that summer has been so great in Denmark, it’s completely fine that it’s changing now. I sing for the kids every night, and maybe I should give the songs a touch of autumn too – I love the Danish song Septembers Himmel Er Så Blå. I’m looking forward to sweaters, wellies, hot tea, and lit candles. Christmas will take over before we know it, and therefore autumn is also a time for relaxation, which is very important to me.” ​

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