Three tricks for beautiful skin

Eat plenty of vegetables and fats

They aren’t joking when they say you are what you eat, and your skin is very much a reflection of all that you consume. Fresh vegetables are bursting with vitamins, antioxidants and water, which your skin loves and absorbs differently to the water you drink. So load up on vegetables and eat them at every meal. You’ll see a noticeable transformation in your skin in just 14 days. Remember to also eat a good amount of fats each day as these plump the skin up from within, preventing it from becoming dry and sensitive. Look for cold-pressed oils such as olive, sesame, coconut, hemp and flaxseed – and savour a lush spread of organic butter on your bread.

Get a good night’s sleep

When our sleeping habits falter, it affects more than just our mood and energy levels. Skin simply cannot regenerate itself when you go to bed at midnight and get up at seven AM, and the neglect is visible on the face. Tired eyes with dark circles or bags, a dull complexion and maybe even the odd blemish. Experts say that the body regenerates itself the most between 10 PM and 2 AM, so get to bed early and look forward to better skin – not to mention waking up feeling rested as early as 6 AM! If you want to invest even more in your beauty sleep, consider the Save My Face pillow. The best way to rest without any 'sleep wrinkles'. 

Customise your skincare

It would be so easy if we could use the same products all year round, but the thing is, your skin needs different kinds of care depending on the season and your lifestyle. A good rule of thumb is that winter and harsh weather require heavier creams, more nourishment and more protection, while the summer season demands protection from the sun and its drying, ageing effect. But you should also consider the pace of your lifestyle. If you’re stressed, your skin will be too, and it will react in the form of imbalances such as dryness, blemishes or more visible lines. Strengthen your skin’s defences with nourishing oil or tightening serum – and try to slow down, even just a little.


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