Three tricks for lovely legs

Dry skin brushing

Dry brush your skin before showering and boost both your circulation and your lymphatic system, while helping your skin get rid of those dead skin cells. Dry skin brushing has the same effect as using body scrub – it stimulates your skin to tighten up, and the result is firmer-looking skin with a more refined texture and less visible cellulite. Always start with your feet and brush the entire body with upward circular motions and towards the heart.


Body scrub

Finish your shower with a head-to-toe exfoliation in the form of a body scrub – or just do your legs every second day if they really need some tender loving care. Turn off the tap and whisk away any excess water. Apply Acai Body Scrub to your palms and massage the fine granules onto your skin in circular motions. Take your time. Rinse off and pat yourself dry. The body scrub softens the skin, adds moisture and encourages any ingrown hairs up to the skin’s surface.



A moisturising and softening crème is a must when you’re battling the dreaded dry shins. Keeping the skin nourished helps keep hairs from changing direction or becoming ingrown. Acai Body Lotion is easy to apply and has a light texture that absorbs quickly. And for extra gorgeous legs, simply add a couple of drops of Acai Body Oil.


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