Use your remaining sun protection

Autumn is here and it’s time to use the rest of your Rudolph Care sun protection. Sunscreen that has been opened and used is not for keeping, and we share a few tips about how to use up your summer sunscreen leftovers. Solcreme og produkter fra Rudolph Care på badeværelseshylde

Whether it’s cream, oil, or lotion, you shouldn’t keep your sun protection until next year’s holiday. All Rudolph Care products are so carefully preserved that we as a rule of thumb say that a product’s shelf-life is 6 months after opening. Therefore, you cannot save your leftovers for next year. 

In Rudolph Care we always attempt to limit waste as much as possible, and therefore we share a few tips on how to use the rests of your Rudolph Care sun protection. 

Vi har alle forskellige præferencer og rutiner og Rudolph Care har solbeskyttelse til hver en smag

Brug Rudolph Cares Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet til dine hårspidser og giv dem et gyldent og velplejet look

Organic sunscreen for the face all year round 

If you still have Sun Face Cream left over from your holiday and the warm summer, you should know that you can actually use it all year round. The sun’s UVA & UVB-rays are not just harmful during summer, and therefore it’s a good idea to use SPF on your face when the sun is out during autumn and winter as well. Sun Face Cream has a high level of concentrated apple extract, which effectively renews cell production, helping the skin to retain its resilience, and firming and moisturizing cucumber extract. 

Luxury care for your hair ends 

The luxurious remains of your Sun Body Oil and Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet are in fact also organic care for your hair ends. Gently massage the product into damp hair. Be careful with the amount, so your hair doesn’t end up greasy – just use a tiny amount and let your hair ends enjoy the natural and nourishing ingredients. 

Økologisk solcreme fra Rudolph Care

Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition SPF 15 + 30 fra Rudolph Care

Nourishing body lotion 

Sun Body Lotion Shimmer Edition and Sun Body Lotion contain, among other things, sea buckthorn with a documented anti-age effect and caring chamomile, which means that they are also nourishing body lotions. Bring the scent of summer with you into autumn and enjoy the last drops of sunscreen.  Your Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet is also a gorgeous body lotion with a golden glitter-touch all year round. 

Remember that sunscreen can stain. Therefore, we advise you to let it dry thoroughly and to wash your hands after applying it. Read more about how sunscreen can stain here. 

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