What a party!


7th February was a night of celebration. Rudolph Care had invited people over for drinks, dancing and deserts on their new address in Valby, and it didn’t pass quietly. Read a bit about the party and enjoy the festive photos. ​Fødselsdagskage

On a grey February Thursday the voices and the final party planning were buzzing from the break of dawn. The day we had waited for and planned for so long had finally arrived and now our new Rudolph Care office finally to frame the party of the year – The 10-Year Anniversary party of Rudolph Care. At 6 o’clock our house was all dressed up with a bar, a band, disco balls and a magnificent dessert table arranged by the stylist Helle Høgsbro. Few minutes later the Rudolph Care team followed suit after weeks of looking for just the right dress – and nonetheless after proficient strokes with the makeup artist Sidsel Marie Bøg’s makeup brushes that made us all shine bright with gorgeous skin and beautiful makeup. 

Pyntet kagebord til Rudolph Cares 10-års jubilæumsfest

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph holder tale

After all guests had arrived, payed the bar a visit and posed in front of photographer Andreas Beck’s sharp camera lens, we were all ready and full of excitement. Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph made the first move with an ever so lovely speech, where partners, team and family received  heartfelt gratitude, and the audience were taken on a journey of emotions from an adventure that has now lasted an entire decade. It all ended in tears of joy as Andrea passed on the microphone to her good friend and former colleague, Claus Elming, for him to present the band, The Antonelli Orchestra, ‘dancing-with-the-stars-style’. 

The Antonelli Orchestra

The Antonelli Orchestra launched like fireworks from a glitter projectile and neither us nor our guests could be pulled from the dance floor during their two-hour power performance of disco hymns and dance classics. Afterwards the DJ Henrik Milling took over and played faithfully until the last twinkle toe surrendered to sore feet and called it a night. 

Through the night  there was an ongoing flow through our photobooth, where funny, crazy and creative memories were made, and our guest book received a great number of lovely greetings. 

DJ Henrik Milling

Now we’ll let the photos speak, because no matter how hard we try to describe our magical party we will never succeed in describing the enchanting mood that arose between us, our guests, the band and the entire staff that helped us realize our party dreams. And naturally also because; What happens in Rudolph Care stays in Rudolph Care :-) …

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for a night we’ll never forget and for being the loveliest guests we could ever dream of being accompanied by. Bring on the next 10 years!

Rudolph Care 


Team Rudolph Care i photobooth
Rudolph Cares gæster til 10-års jubilæumsfesten



Rudolph Care Team Foto

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