Which facial oil should I go for?


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Q: Which facial oil should I go for?

A: At Rudolph Care we have two different facial oils; Acai Facial Oil and Facial Oil Delight

The award-winning Acai Facial Oil is the heart of Rudolph Care. It’s been with us since the very beginning in 2009 and is pure, organic acai oil – the key ingredient in several Rudolph Care products. 

Acai Facial Oil creates significantly visible results for your skin. Every drop plumps the skin as it hydrates in depth, boosting a healthy, beautiful glow. The organic acai oil is rich in the essential fatty acids omega 6 & 9 that enhance the elasticity in dry and tight skin. Besides, acai is packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and E and minerals as iron and potassium that altogether embrace the signs of aging in the skin.

This is why Acai Facial Oil is especially good for dry skin and if you feel tightness and lack of energy in your skin. Basically, it’s for anyone who dreams of intense moisture and a supple skin that radiates vitality. 

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph: “Acai Facial Oil is a true miracle worker. Try spending a few minutes massaging your face with Acai Facial Oil every morning and evening and see how your skin is energized and refueled on even the greyest of days. A proof that simple can be super effective”

Facial Oil Delight is an ultra light facial oil that effectively penetrates your skin. It’s created from organic oils and extracts from saltwort and seaweed that contribute with moisture, nourishment and elasticity. It also boosts the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid that retain moisture in the skin. You’ll experience silky soft, healthy and fully nourished skin. 

Facial Oil Delight is the ideal facial oil for the months of spring and summer, when the skin often craves ligther care. It’s an oil that gives the feel of intense hydration rather than richness, while still providing plenty of suppleness and glow – so you won’t need that many excessive products nor makeup.

The oil suits all skin types – even oily and combination skin, as it balances the skin and absorbs effectively. For you who dream of a facial oil with a light texture that you barely notice on your skin.

Tip from Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph: “Facial Oil Delight feels light and delicate on the skin, while still boosting the skin with hydration and suppleness. I use the oil through spring and summer and gladly mix it up with A Hint of Summer for extra glow – and follow up with my Sun Face Cream for well-protected skin.”

You can combine the oils by using the (de)light(ing) moisture boost from Facial Oil Delight in your morning routine – and go for Acai Facial Oil as a hydrating and revitalizing night treatment. 

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