This is why aftersun is a good idea


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph tells about how she uses aftersun after a day in the sun. Reparerende og kølende aftersun fra Rudolph Care

“First, I wash with Body Soap to gently remove all the sun lotion, dirt and sand, and then I use Body Scrub. I find that my tan gets deeper, lovelier and more long-lasting when I build it slowly and safely (that is, with tons of sun lotion) and use body scrub more often than usual. When I’m swimming at the beach, I often apply a healthy handful of fine sand or some scratchy seaweed to my skin and use that to exfoliate.”

“When I get out of the shower I dry off and then spray Aftersun Repair Spray evenly over my entire body. As soon as it’s absorbed I apply Body Oil or Body Lotion, depending on my mood. Sometimes I go for the luxury version and mix the two – especially if my skin seems a little dry.”

Aftersun spray fra Rudolph Care - til forbrændt og varm hud

“Sometimes I’m in the mood for shimmer and then I go for Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet after my shower instead. It cools, rebuilds and leaves my skin as if an Instagram filter took a nap on it. I love it for its texture, care and the hint of golden shimmer it gives the skin – no matter the skin tone.”


Andrea ♥

Shimmer aftersun fra Rudolph Care
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