Why you should use sun face cream


There are many good and important reasons for using sun face cream. We list the best 3 here.Solcreme til ansigtet med faktor 50 fra Rudolph Care

1. The sun is dangerous

Despite the numerous good reasons for inviting sun face cream into your beauty routine, we want to highlight the most important reason of all: The sun is dangerous. Spending time in the sun will not only expose you to luscious heat and the option to get a nice summer glow – it’ll also expose you to harmful, ultraviolet UVA & UVB rays. Without optimal protection the rays will penetrate deep into your skin and over time this may cause damages and severe skin diseases. This is why it’s crucial to protect the fine skin on your face with effective sun protection, if the UV index is 3 or higher. 

Effektiv og vandafvisende solbeskyttelse fra Rudolph Care

2. Nourishing, sustainable luxury with SPF

Most importantly there’s the sun protection, but why not combine this with a face cream that gives your skin so much more than just SPF? When Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph developed Sun Face Cream it was with the prevailing ambition to create a sun face cream that could replace her day cream in the summer months – and that it should give the face feels of effective nourishment and luxurious care. Therefore Sun Face Cream from Rudolph Care has the best of both worlds; active, natural ingredients that fulfills the needs of your skin and effective SPF from sun filters that won’t harm you nor your surroundings. The natural ingredients in Sun Face Cream are among other chamomile that calms the skin, apple extract that effectively renews cell production and sea buckthorn oil that increases the skin’s elasticity and protects from free radicals with a high level of antioxidants – and nonetheless soothing cucumber extract that works as a natural moisturizer on the skin. 

3. The long-term results

With sun face cream you can prevent skin diseases caused by the sun’s harmful rays, but it will also help your skin out in the long run. Especially the UVA-rays cause ‘photoaging’ of your skin, which means that the skin’s elastin and collagen fibers are compromised. In other words; your skin will lose its resilience and elasticity faster if you don’t protect it with sun face cream. 


Our sun face cream is available in three intensities; SPF 15, 30 & 50. And a wonderful combination is using Smooth Operator Serum underneath the sun face cream for gorgeous, harmonized skin and a fine glow. Buy Smooth Operator Serum here or read a bit more about the good combination of serum and sun face cream here


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