You Are Glowing

Are you glowing? We definitely are. And as you might have noticed on Rudolph Stories, this August has been all about keeping the summer glow and the warm summer feeling. If the glowing theme made its way past you, fortunately you can still take a raincheck on all the inspirational reading on Rudolph Stories.   

August was all about keeping your summer glow - we hope you succeed but you can always find tips and tricks for it on Rudolph Stories

The fact that August is ending fortunately doesn’t mean the end of your summer glow – you can in fact bring all of our glowing tips with you into autumn and enjoy a lovely radiance though the summer warmth is slowly retiring. We’ve collected all the tips in a guide to maintain both the physical and mental sensation of summer. 

Olier er gode til at bevare og opbygge din glød - Rudolph Care har forskellige olier af slagsen, og de er alle glødgivende fugtboostere

♦ Our Rudolph Care expert, Louise, spills glow-tips and tells about why moisture is a very essential element in your glow-maintaining routine. 

♦ We tell about exfoliation and how both face scrub and body scrub are effective helpers to instant radiance and a long-lasting summer glow. 

♦ Organic and nourishing body oil, which works effectively with your skin and your glow, is also something we’re telling a bit about. Among other, you’ll find the shimmering body oil Golden Kiss Body Oil in our award-winning skin care line, which is placed in the very top of the glow-scale.

♦ We tell a bit about serum, and how it builds your glow from within, while it instantly firms and smooths.

Rudolph Cares ekspert Louise guider til masser af fugt, som er hovedelementet i en velbevaret sommerglød

♦ A Hint of Summer is a natural and Eco Labelled self-tanner and your easiest way to build and maintain glow all year round. The self-tanner can be used on both face and body and should be mixed with your regular day cream and/or body lotion. Naturally, we also point to a few glowing points about A Hint of Summer on Rudolph Stories

♦ And lastly, you should spend a rainy Saturday on your coach and let yourself inspire by the Rudolph-team’s recommendations for glow-maintaining summer rituals. Much can be done for your physical sensation and the glow on your skin, but a great deal of that feeling comes from within. Some practice yoga, while others swim in the ocean – what do you do?

Rudolph Cares norske Camilla har lovet sig selv at bade så meget som muligt for at holde fast i sommerfornemmelsen længe endnu

In the Rudolph Care office we’re looking forward to feel that special autumn sensation and let the warm light inside the office. As always, you can follow Rudolph Stories for inspiration about the new, golden season.

You can, among many other things, read about Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph’s many joys of autumn, tips to your autumn routines, and a guide to get started on winter swimming. 

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