Yvonne Koné x Rudolph Care

This year’s Advent calendar is filled with impressive prizes you can win, and behind the first flap is Yvonne Koné’s classic and nearly indestructible leather bag – just waiting for you.

“Simple favourites that only get better with time.” That’s how Yvonne Koné describes her own designs, and we couldn’t agree more. Every item is designed and carefully crafted from the very finest materials, with the vision that simplicity is beautiful, sophisticated and timeless.

Whether it’s stiletto heels, oversized belt bags or luscious leather totes, Yvonne Koné has a uniquely special, simple aesthetic that we adore. Every piece fits into any wardrobe and any style – simply because the look is both classic and ultramodern. The elegant suede stiletto heels are always on the Rudolph girls’ wish list (and it is impossible to choose just one colour, because they are all amazing).

And now one of her bags can be yours. If you haven’t already visited the Rudolph Care Facebook page, come see us now and participate in this year’s Advent competition. Today’s Advent gift also features goodies from Rudolph Care.

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